‘Super Duo’ is Poland’s most fascinating and intriguing guitar band. So far, we have released 4 albums, and a new one – ‘Gitarolo’ - is on sale now. The duo has performed in many countries, including Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark (Roskilde Festival), Korea, England, France and Holland (The Netherlands). Our concerts with Al DiMeola or Take 6 marked a wonderful event for the group, and so did their performances in the Royal Festival Hall and the Barbican Centre in London. The music of Super Duo is a unique and captivating combination of astounding virtuosity and subtle sensitivity.

„GITAROLO”, POLSKIE RADIO FONOGRAFIA, March 2011, CD + DVD, available at music stores and online at The band has been featured in many TV programs across Europe. Currently, the group performs in three setups: Guitar duo (unplugged) Guitar duo + Groove Guitar Duo + Groove + Symphony orchestra – Guitar Feast 1st Part: Concjerto d’Aranjuez (Przemysław Hałuszczak + Symphony orchestra) 2nd Part: SUPER DUO (Piotr Soszyński, Przemysław Hałuszczak, Grzegorz Kopala).

Precision, ambiance and a red-hot atmosphere create an exciting unison between the artists and the audience. The traditional, raw sound of the guitar, reinforced with modern grooves creates a musical feast that will please all fans of the 6 strings, young or old.